Top CMF National News Jan. 5, 2023

Here’s a summary of Top National News from major news sites and industry trade publications.

Borrowing for Hotels in 2023 Will Be Possible but Pricey
Hotel News Now (CoStar), Jan. 3, 2023–Sean McCracken
Fears that a wave of debt maturities, a recession and a risk-averse attitude leading to less lending to commercial real estate could sink the availability of financing for hotels are overblown, experts said, but hotel investors will have to grow more comfortable with the increasing cost of capital.

Looking into the CRE Crystal Ball: Trepp Experts Share 2023 Market Predictions
Trepp, Jan. 3, 2023–Manus Clancy, Lonnie Hendry, Stephen Buschbom, Rob Jordan
Four Trepp researchers weighed in on what they expect for the commercial real estate finance markets. The list is a mix of CRE, commercial mortgage-backed securities and broad economic and pop culture ideas.

More Bosses Order Workers Back to the Office as Job Market Shifts
Wall Street Journal, Jan. 3, 2023–Chip Cutter (subscription)
Employers are losing their patience with empty desks in the office. Companies including investment giant Vanguard Group, workplace technology company Paycom Software Inc. PAYC -0.50%decrease; red down pointing triangle and others have sent directives to employees in recent weeks, urging workers to follow existing hybrid schedules or to come into the office on additional days in 2023.

Rising Rents Were a Crisis for Tenants. For Starwood, They Were a Gift.
Washington Post, Jan. 2, 2023–Peter Whoriskey
For tenants across the country, the huge rent hikes of recent years have been a burden. For the private investment firms emerging as America’s landlords, they’ve been a bonanza.

Quick To Enter the Market, Institutional Investors Now Shedding Single-Family Home Rentals
Yahoo News, Dec. 30, 2022–Margaret Jackson
As housing prices tumble across the country, institutional investors that had snapped up properties during a pandemic-induced increase in rental rates are now unloading their properties.

The Case That the Yield Inversion Could Be Signaling a Soft Landing, Dec. 28, 2022–Erik Sherman
Treasury bond yield inversions have been long seen as a strong indicator of recessions to come within one to two years. But the academic who, in his 1986 doctoral dissertation, first investigated and expanded on these relationships now says things have changed.