MBA Education CRE Basics: Introduction to Commercial/Multifamily Real Estate: November 2020

MBA Education’s Introduction to Commercial/Multifamily Real Estate will help participants understand the foundational concepts of commercial and multifamily real estate lending.

This four-part instructor-led online course discusses ownership rights, the various forms of ownership, how real estate is conveyed and the legal documentation associated with ownership and conveyance. The course also discusses the distinguishing features of the various types of income producing property and the evolution of commercial real estate markets.

This is the first course in MBA Education’s CRE Basics series which is comprised of eight courses held online throughout the year.

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Attendees can expect to:

Distinguish between real estate, real property, and personal property

Compare and contrast ownership rights and interests

Outline various ownership structures

Define players and their roles

Identify lending platforms present in the capital markets

Describe the various types of commercial real estate

Explain how commercial real estate is conveyed

Who Should Attend?


Loan Processors

Analysts and Junior Analysts

Loan Closers


Individuals seeking a career in commercial real estate


The instructor names will be announced closer to the course start date.

Please note:

MBA Diversity and Inclusion scholarship opportunities are available for this offering. Click here for more information.