CREF Market Intelligence Symposium July 10-11 in New York

The Mortgage Bankers Association CREF Market Intelligence Symposium cuts through the clutter to provide hard facts about the state of commercial real estate markets–what we do and don’t know.

Leading CRE analysts will present data-driven insights about where markets are and where they are likely to go from here. Experts will go beyond opinions to present the latest data and leading models to help attendees understand where we are in the real estate cycle, how to think about property prices in a low rate environment, what the drivers are of demand for and supply of debt, how to identify whether underwriting is tight or loose, what drives loan performance, how investors gauge success in their commercial real estate debt portfolios and more.

Speakers will go beyond opinions to present the latest data, analysis and insights to help you understand:

–How to think about risks and reward in commercial real estate finance
–Different Property Types: What matters most for each
–Gauging Success: Performance benchmarking for different investment approaches
–Modeling: CECL, CCAR and modeling loan portfolios
–Regulatory Changes and Potential Impacts: How regulatory changes have shaped and will continue to shape our industry
–Foreign Capital: What’s really happening and what’s driving it
–Black Swans: Where to look and how to prepare

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