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Banks Get Company on the Commercial Real Estate Lending Front
Daily Business Review, Sept. 24, 2018--Lidia Dinkova Banks held 40 percent of the commercial real estate debt in 2017 nationally, but South Florida borrowers increasingly are turning to alternative lenders for more flexible terms.
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SFR Landlords Have Room to Raise Rents in Most Markets
National Real Estate Investor, Sept. 24, 2018--Bendix AndersonLow vacancy and prohibitive house prices give single-family rental tenants incentives to accept rent increases.
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10 Years After Lehman: This Time It’s Different
IPE Real Assets magazine, Sept. 25, 2018--Christopher O'DeaReal estate investors learned painful lessons 10 years ago. With signs of a correction yet to materialize, can the market escape a repeat of 2008?
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Is The Commercial Real Estate Market Cooling?
The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Calif.), Sept. 25, 2018--Allen BuchananSo, the rumblings have begun and folks want to know: Is commercial real estate simmering down? In my humble opinion, yes.
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Caution: Potential Inverted Yield Curve Ahead
National Real Estate Investor, Sept. 26, 2018--Beth Mattson-TeigThis week's Federal Reserve Board meeting is once again shining a spotlight on rising interest rates and what has remained a stubbornly flat yield curve.
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