MBA Education Excel for Commercial Real Estate Professionals Webinar Jan. 17

The MBA Education Excel for Commercial Real Estate Finance Professionals webinar will explore how to create a useful and powerful spreadsheet when analyzing commercial real estate. 

Using an office building case study, the webinar will demonstrate the steps taken to create a spreadsheet, project income and expenses over a holding period, integrate various commercial real estate formulas including but not limited to debt service, discounted cash flow analysis, NPV, IRR, MEY and demonstrate how to link two or more workbooks together.

The webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 17 will utilize Adobe and the “Share My Screen” feature allowing the instructor to walk the participants through the steps to building the spreadsheet.

–Build a spreadsheet for an office building
–Project income and expenses for a 7-year holding periodValue the property using yield capitalization
–Calculate annual debt service and provide an amortization schedule
–Calculate Performance ratios (LTV, DSC, Debt Yield, IRR, MEY)
–Provide roll over analysis
–Calculate principal balance at maturity
–Calculate tenant’s net effective rent
–Link two or more workbooks together

–Learn how to set up a spreadsheet using income and expense categories and project cash flow for a set holding period.
–Learn how to integrate the spreadsheet with pertinent commercial real estate formulas.
–Learn how to link the two or more spreadsheets together.

Who Should Attend?
–This webinar, which runs from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m ET, is designed for individuals with little to no experience with Excel, but some familiarity with commercial real estate terminology. It is open to college students, recent graduates and individuals working in the commercial real estate field including originators, analyists, loan processors, closers and servicers.

–William Anderson, Associate with MetLife Real Estate