Commercial Loan Origination IGOL Starts February 27

Explore the life cycle of a loan with a focus on origination and sales in this instructor-guided online learning class starting Feb. 27.

This two-part course begins with an overview of the origination process including how the origination process works, the players involved and their roles in origination, how to analyze a borrower’s request and select a capital source.

The second part of the course focuses on sales training including how to develop a successful business by learning well-established sales practices, identify what different transaction participants require, your individual marketing style and strategies that successful mortgage bankers use to close the deal and establish a competitive advantage.

The Commercial Loan Origination IGOL will be online, with a combination lecture, case studies and group presentations.

Part 1 Learning Objectives:
Learn how deals are originated from the perspective of the mortgage banker and lender
Compare characteristics of various borrowers and lenders
Analyze borrower requests for financing
Compare various types of commercial loans available in the market
Identify capital sources and strategies to appropriately match lenders to borrowers
Learn how to effectively present a preliminary loan package to a lender on behalf of a borrower and formulate financing recommendations
The mortgage banker’s role in processing, closing and servicing the deal

Part 2 Learning Objectives:
Establish clientele (borrower and lender) and determine their needs
Define your market
Understand the characteristics of a successful mortgage banker
Develop your sales skills and marketing style
Build strategies utilizing your marketing style
Learn techniques to strengthen your competitive advantage
Establish strategies for maintaining relationships and gaining future business

Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for individuals who have been in the mortgage lending industry for a short time and want to acquire the skills needed to be effective and productive in sales. Student should be familiar with commercial property types, market lending platforms, capital markets and real estate finance theory.

Seasoned originators wishing to refresh their skills can also benefit from this program. It also serves professionals seeking to transition from the residential side of the industry to commercial lending.

This course is held every Monday & Wednesday from February 27th to April 5th, 2017 from 1:00 PM ET to 3:00 PM ET. 

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