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Looking For ‘City’ Living in the Suburbs? Some are Finding it in Aging Office Parks
Washington Post, Aug. 5, 2017--Katherine ShaverFrom the Washington and New York suburbs to North Carolina's Research Triangle Park, traditional corporate campuses that have struggled since the Great Recession are trying to transform from sterile worksites into vibrant mini-towns. In addition to housing, they're adding restaurants, grocery stores, playgrounds and outdoor concert spaces--anything to draw people in and make them want to stay.
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How JLL Spark Is Focusing On Tech As The Future Of Commercial Real Estate
Forbes, Aug. 4, 2017Many startups and tech companies are focusing on the growing property technology sector. JLL recently expanded its tech capabilities by launching JLL Spark, an entity focused on creating new products, investments and supporting startups in the real estate tech industry.
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Trump Administration Weighs Slashing Mortgage Deduction
Politico, Aug. 4, 2017--Colin WilhelmDespite promises from the Trump administration in April that it would "protect the homeownership ... deductions," multiple sources tracking tax reform said that the cap on the mortgage interest deduction--currently set at the interest on up to $1 million of mortgage debt--could be lowered in tax reform.
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‘Summer Bummer’ for Manhattan Luxury-Apartment Sales
Wall Street Journal, Aug. 3, 2017--Josh Barbanel (subscription)Manhattan luxury-apartment sales have been stuck in the doldrums this summer, particularly units in flashy new developments.
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Plans to Rethink America’s Malls Can’t Keep Up With Retail’s Collapse
Bloomberg, Aug. 3, 2017--Sarah MulhollandWith store closures accelerating, landlords are having to change course and find ways to create malleable space that can accommodate a revolving roster of tenants.
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Coral Gables is on the Cusp of a Retail Revolution
Miami Herald, Aug, 7, 2017--Neybis SanchezWhile Miami-Dade County's emerging neighborhoods are experiencing substantial development and investment, one of its most established communities, Coral Gables, is also being transformed with large-scale retail projects from both the public and private sectors.
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Mall Owners Wave a Finger: We’re Not Dead Yet
Wall Street Journal, Aug. 8, 2017--Esther Fung (subscription)Last week, the top mall operators delivered a blunt message to short sellers and naysayers who had expected more gloom for landlords in the bricks-and-mortar retail business: Don't count us out just yet.
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The Best Place for a New Warehouse? An Old Mall
Wall Street Journal, Aug. 8, 2017--Esther Fung (subscription)The pressure for speedy online package delivery is prompting companies to look for distribution facilities closer to residential areas or highways. Some of the best locations, it turns out, are dead malls.
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Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms Work to Find a Niche
National Real Estate Investor, Aug. 9, 2017--Beth Mattson-TeigWhile commercial real estate crowdfunding firms haven't disrupted the market, the top players have worked to continue to raise capital and find ways to make their bets.
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