Webinar Today: Ordinance or Law Insurance: Coverage & Claim Perspectives

Oct. 20, 2016 2:00 – 3:30 PM ET

This webinar covers fundamental concepts of Ordinance or Law Insurance while providing real-world lessons and examples from claim settlements.

With multiple coverage parts to be considered (including business income) the speaker will analyze when this coverage should be required and how to make sure adequate limits are in force.

Consideration will be provided to why this coverage, which is often completely excluded in property policies, should be required even in the absence of a legal, non-conforming zoning report. Should zoning reports truly be the only deciding factor that lenders or borrowers use when deciding to require or purchase this coverage?

The webinar will educate lenders, servicing personnel and asset managers about the topic and the claims-adjustment process. Did you require enough insurance, and if there is a claim, will you recover as much as you think and how long will it really take to get it settled?  

Webinar attendees will understand:
How much insurance is required to protect your collateral?
Zoning reports and Rights to Rebuild
Key insurance terminology and policy terms and conditions
Claims process and the impact it has on the ultimate claim settlement amount  

Who Should Attend?
Insurance Directors Loan Closers and Underwriters Commercial Servicers Asset Managers

Mike McDaniel, President & Owner, Fortress Risk Consultants

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