FHA Multifamily Underwriter Training Starts Jan. 2017

MBA Education’s FHA Multifamily Underwriting Training Program is the most extensive and rigorous curriculum of its kind in the industry. It is designed to set the standard for skills required by multifamily underwriters in the field of FHA lending.

The FHA Multifamily Underwriting Training Program was developed in consultation with HUD’s Office of Multifamily Programs and expert teams of MAP Lenders, engineers, appraisers and attorneys.

At the end of this comprehensive course, participants can demonstrate mastery of knowledge, skills, and abilities expected of HUD-approved MAP underwriters

Key business applications include:
Improved quality and accuracy in FHA multifamily underwriting
Improved processing times for FHA multifamily loans
Improved working relationships and consistency in decision-making by HUD staff and MAP lenders
Increased awareness and application of multifamily underwriting best practices

This course is offered via a blended learning format, combining the flexibility and ease of web-based study and the impact and collaboration of in-person training.

Time Commitment Overview:
In-person kickoff in Washington, D.C. (January 9-10)
Twice-weekly two-hour live webinars (Tuesdays and Fridays)
Five hours per week of self-study and assignment completion.

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