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Apartment Building Buyers Unmoved by Interest Rate Hike
National Real Estate Investor, Dec. 20, 2016--Anderson, Bendix  It's easy to assume that higher interest rates will naturally lead buyers of apartment properties to demand higher yields on their investments. But investor yields and interest rate often move in different directions.
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Times Square Landlords Seek Tenants With ‘Experience’
Wall Street Journal, Dec. 18, 2016--Morris Keiko Times Square's flashy retail scene is known for its hordes of tourists drawn to Broadway shows, mass-market shopping options and kitsch. But asking rents have plunged 18% as more shopping moves online. That has prompted landlords to seek out more "experiential retail," such as food and entertainment venues, and more interactive elements in stores.
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Tom Perkins’s Penthouse in Sinking Millennium Tower Sells
Wall Street Journal, Dec. 16, 2016--Taylor, Candace Buyer Craig Ramsey said he paid a 'very reasonable' $13 million for the unit in the San Francisco building, which has been beset by reports that it is sinking and tilting.
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Commercial Real Estate Market is Mixed Since the Elections
Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch, Dec. 19, 2016--Little, Andrew For an industry highly dependent on leverage, the election's fallout is hard to decipher.
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How to Evaluate Investment Opportunities in CRE Marketplace Lending
National Real Estate Investor, Dec. 21, 2016--Bechtel, Gary The search for yield is leading to great growth in marketplace lending--nearly 700 percent over the past four years.
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UPS Takes a Stake in Retail Returns Specialist Optoro
Wall Street Journal, Dec. 20, 2016--Smith, Jennifer United Parcel Service is investing in a logistics provider that helps companies take back and resell returned merchandise--an increasingly costly burden for retailers as consumers take their shopping online.
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