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Sam Zell Says U.S. Economy Doing Pretty Well, But Cycle “In The Ninth Inning”
The Real Deal Los Angeles, Apr. 15, 2016--Mashayekhi, Rey  Real estate investor Sam Zell said the U.S. economy is "doing pretty well," but added that the cycle "is in the ninth inning."
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Could the San Francisco Real Estate Market Finally Be Slowing Down?
MarketWatch, Apr. 16, 2016--Goldstein, Daniel That sound you hear may be some air finally escaping from the inflated San Francisco real estate market.
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Commercial Real Estate Hits The Pause Button
Richmond Times-Dispatch, Apr. 17, 2016--Little, Andrew Led Zeppelin was discussing the impact of a levee breaking on the last song of the band's fourth album, but the iconic final words in the song could easily be referring to commercial real estate transaction volume today: "going down, going down now, going down ..."
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Global Real Estate Boom Is Coming to an End, U.K.’s Grosvenor Warns
Wall Street Journal, Apr. 19, 2016--Patnaude, Art A major U.K. landlord warned Tuesday that the boom in global real estate is coming to an end.
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Multifamily Investors Seek More Value-Add Deals
National Real Estate Investor, Apr. 19, 2016--Anderson, Bendix Yield-driven multifamily investors are more and more likely to focus on fixing up older properties.
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Banks Give New Focus to Commercial Real Estate Lending
National Mortgage Professional, Apr. 19, 2016--Hall, Phil  Commercial real estate lending is being viewed by banks as a major target of business activity, a new survey said.
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GE Capital Mere Days from ‘Exiting’ U.S. Banking System
HousingWire, Apr. 18, 2016--Lane, Ben GE Capital, once a big player in housing finance, is now just a handful of days away from exiting the U.S. banking system after the company completed the sale of its online deposit platform to Goldman Sachs.
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Investors Hit the Pause Button on Acquisition Activity
National Real Estate Investor, Apr. 20, 2016--Mattson-Teig, Beth  A recent dip in investment sales transactions has sparked questions on whether the decline is a temporary hiccup or a sign of a bigger slowdown ahead.
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Apartment Boom Pushes Commercial Real Estate
CTPost (Conn.), Apr. 20, 2016--Soule, Alexander  With interest rates still low, commercial banks in Connecticut maintained the pace of their commercial real estate lending heading into 2016, with a booming apartment market spilling over into retail developments and other deals.
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One Firm Getting What It Wants in Washington: BlackRock
Wall Street Journal, Apr. 20, 2016--Tracy, Ryan; Krause, Sarah In 2014, BlackRock Inc. executives obtained a copy of a confidential Federal Reserve PowerPoint presentation that argued part of the giant money manager could pose the same financial-system risk as big banks.
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